on Jan 21, 2011

Steam from the neighbor’s
rooftop vent briefly obscures
the morning moon.

or this

Steam from the neighbor’s
rooftop vent briefly obscures
the now-waning wolf moon.

I came up with this first thing this morning. I composed it in the text editor as I usually do, and then posted the first version here where it cross-posts to Twitter. Then, after some interruption, I cut-and-pasted the second, revised version to Identi.ca and Facebook, thinking I had posted the same thing to both places. I’m not even sure which one I meant to be the final, but I like the second one better. So now they’re both here.

3 thoughts on “1.21.11

  1. I like them both, although the second one draws you into a lot more imagining with its waning wolf-moon. such a wonderfully loaded phrase.

    and congrats showing up in fiona’s newsletter! a happy thing, seeing your words in there this morning 😀

    • Thanks, Angie. I was pretty honored about that.

      I love wolf moon and many of the others. Storm moon is a favorite too. I first read about them in a book I just read: The Planets by Dava Sobel. Good blend of the science and mythology up in the night sky.

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