Issue 15 Call for Submissions

by on Jan 3, 2018

Issue 15 is going to be a micropoetry issue (similar to our first issue). Please adhere to the general submission guidelines, but for this issue, we would like to see micropoetry, microfiction, videopoems based on micropoetry, and artwork that works with this micro theme. We’re defining micro along the lines of the Twitter model, and ask that all submitted writing be tweetable. That doesn’t mean you need to be on Twitter, it just means we’re setting a 140 280ish-character limit for each submitted piece. There’s more on the submissions page.

The deadline for submitting to Issue 15 will be January 26, 2018, and we will plan to start the issue the week of February 5.

As mentioned in the Issue 14 call, this will be the last issue of Gnarled Oak, at least for a while. Please consider sending your best work so we can close this out in style. Thanks, and I look forward to another great batch of submissions.