Issue 4: Call for Submissions

by on May 26, 2015

This is the Official Call for Submissions for Issue 4 of Gnarled Oak, which will start in July and be an unthemed issue.

Gnarled Oak accepts poetry, prose, videos and artwork. I don’t like to impose rules on what is and isn’t acceptable (other than the no hate speech, no pornography one), but as a general guideline, I tend to favor shorter works, which for our purposes means poems of less than 20 lines, prose less than 1000 words, and videos less than 7 minutes long. Regarding form and style, I’m open to almost anything. Check out previous issues to get a sense of things.

I’ll be reading for Issue 4 through June 26 and plan on starting the issue the week of July 6 July 13. Please visit the Submissions page for more in-depth guidelines. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes this way, and I hope you’ll send something and help spread the word. Thank you.