Issues 14, 15 & Beyond

by on Oct 11, 2017

Please remember the deadline for submissions for Issue 14 is this Friday October 13, and we plan to start Issue 14 the week of October 23 November 13.

Issue 15 is going to be a micropoetry issue (similar to our first issue). Please adhere to the general submission guidelines, but for this issue, we would like to see micropoetry, microfiction, videopoems based on micropoetry, and artwork that works with this micro theme. We’re defining micro along the lines of the Twitter model, and ask that all submitted writing be tweetable. That doesn’t mean you need to be on Twitter, it just means we’re setting a 140ish-character limit for each submitted piece. There’s more on the submissions page.

The deadline for submitting to Issue 15 will be January 5, 2018, and we will plan to start the issue the week of January 15.

And then, that will likely be it.

I love running Gnarled Oak. It has been a blast, and I have learned so much and met so many wonderful writers and artists, but life is taking over and increasingly I find I don’t have the headspace to keep this going at the moment. I also find myself chomping at the bit to focus for a while on my own writing again. And I want to read (and try to review) more chapbooks. I may change my mind and this may just be a hiatus, but I think, for now anyway, it is near time to bid Gnarled Oak farewell. I hope you’ll send us your best micros/shorts to help close this thing out in fine style.

6 thoughts on “Issues 14, 15 & Beyond

  1. James, I salute you…for the amazing forum you have created with Gnarled Oak, and for the courage to bring it to closure to open space for yourself to have other adventures. It has been an honor to be a Gnarled Oak contributor, and a pleasure to be a Gnarled Oak reader. Fare well!

  2. Likewise, I always love the work you select and will be sad to see you go, but I absolutely support doing what you need to do to find balance, dedicate to your writing and other endeavors, and regain your passion and energy. All the best and thank you for including my poem last year. It’s an honor.

  3. I am so honoured to have had pieces published here and I have found so many wonderful writers. Thank you! I shall keep an eye out for you and your writing in other venues.

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