Belief in Unicorns

by on Nov 14, 2014

(Watch “Belief in Unicorns” on Vimeo or check out more by Marie Craven)

 Editor’s note: The text of the Neil Flatman poem “Belief in Unicorns” and his bio can be read at The Poetry Storehouse.


Marie Craven: ‘I am a media maker and vocalist from the Gold Coast, Australia with a long artistic background including drama, experimental cinema and music. I’ve been engaged in online collaboration since 2007 and have been a contributor to works with artists in many different parts of the world. Generally speaking, I am drawn to dreams, fragmentation, rhythms, narrative. I work intuitively leaving space for synchronicity.’ (from The Poetry Storehouse)

2 thoughts on “Belief in Unicorns

  1. I love having a different presentation, of seeing a possible interpretation of the words through your eyes while hearing another through the author’s voice.

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