Issue 1: Starting Small—Summary, Contents & Editor’s Note

by on Dec 9, 2014


“Starting Small” (Nov-Dec 2014) is the inaugural issue of Gnarled Oak featuring micropoetry, microprose, short videos, and micropoetry-related artwork.

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fleeing sparrows — Angie Werren

gnarled oak — Patricia Geyer

The Names Change Every Time I Tell the Story — Aubrie Cox

crows perched on wire — Erica Goss

Belief in Unicorns — Marie Craven

Perfume — Mark Windham

ventilator machine — Archana Kapoor Nagpal

faultless hand sewn quilts — Vivienne Blake

luscious peach — Julie Bloss Kelsey

Six (Twenty Seconds of Haiku) — Angie Werren

Newton’s First Law of Motion — Aubrey Cox

eventide…  — Shloka Shankar

on the belly — Marianne Paul

a wild sky — Debbie Strange

paddling sea kayaks — Robyn Cairns

morning fog — Angie Werren

Four Haiku — Kris Lindbeck

The Moving Walkway — Carolyn Guinzio

Editor’s Note

There is very little to say here at the end of this inaugural issue of Gnarled Oak other than “thank you.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted work and took a chance on this fledgling publication.

Thank you to everyone who read this issue, who shared it, liked it, commented, retweeted, favorited, pinned, reposted, and all those other ways of sharing the things we discover in the digital world.

It has been my honor and privilege to publish the pieces contained in this issue, from work by writers and artists I already knew and admired to others whose work was new to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, all. I hope you’re looking forward to Issue Two as much as I am.

–James Brush, Editor

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  1. James, in the glut of ‘information” that slides by daily on the various social networks, it took me a while to realize the fact of “Gnarled Oak” Great beginning. I’m subscribed now. Ready for more.

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