their affair

by on Feb 20, 2017


their affair
the pattern of stones
in a zen garden


Deborah P Kolodji is the California Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America and the moderator of the Southern California Haiku Study Group.   She has published over 900 haiku and other short poems in numerous journals both on and off the web.

3 thoughts on “their affair

  1. Mary Torregrossa says:

    I love this poem. It makes me think of coming around a corner in a lush, wild garden setting filled with plant leaves trembling with life and suddenly BEHOLD, being surprised to find an expanse of a zen garden like a lake of small gray stones. A secret interlude to be observed; and then walking through it on a stepping stone path to lead the way, a kind of detached surprise. Noting how well planned and landscaped. Such care to maintain it. Hidden but not disguised And who knew?

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