Issue 14: Chain of Years—Summary, Contents & Editor’s Note

by on Jan 2, 2018


Issue 14: Chain of Years (Nov-Dec 2017) is an unthemed issue featuring poetry, prose, videos, and artwork from writers and artists around the world.

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A Night So Beautiful We Had to Burn Down the Senator’s House #25 — Darren C. Demaree

at the port — Erin Leigh

My Body Is Mine — Jade Anouka

First Kiss — Elizabeth Moura

notes on bones — Audrey Gidman

felled branches — Lee Nash

To Johannesburg, with love — Abigail George

Breaking Through— Olivier Schopfer

First Grade Activist — Marie Craven

How the Grateful Dead Got Their Name — Steve Klepetar

the animal inside it — Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco

In Twos —Stella Pierides

hand-flapping — Marianne Paul

street in a downpour — Diarmuid Fitzgerald

Halfway to What’s Next — W. Jack Savage

night pond — Enrique Garrovillo

In Darwin’s Dream — Eduardo Yagüe & Matt Mullins

autumn chill — Debbie Strange

September 17 — Mary McCarthy

October — Mark Gilbert

The Rivers of Flame — Steve Klepetar

slack tide — Christina Sng

Advice Dyslexic — Marie Craven

Practice of Leaving — Chumki Sharma

The Last Day — Christina Sng

Editor’s Note

Happy New Year, everyone. It snowed here last night, which makes it twice in one month, twice in one winter, and twice in the past three years, I believe. It’s an unusual thing in central Texas. It doesn’t stick, but it flutters down pretty and makes everyone stop what they were doing.

Wow it’s snowing, did you see the snow, how much did you get, what did your kids think of it? These are the questions you hear repeated all through the next day. And then it dries out in the middle of the night and it’s sunny and cold, cold enough for the bird bath to freeze, which is in itself a novelty since ice isn’t usually seen outside of a drink.

And that’s how 2017 ended around here. Surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Now it’s 2018 and I wonder what this newest lap around the sun will hold. Hopefully a lot of poetry, a little more of it around here before we call it day. Best wishes to everyone in the new year.

With gratitude and thanks for making Gnarled Oak part of your 2017,

James Brush, editor
Jan 1, 2018


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