by on Aug 3, 2015


the entire cupboard
for that shawl …
feels like I’ve lost my mother
even before her death


Neck deep in haiku, her face barely visible, Kala Ramesh, an award winning poet has been instrumental in bringing school kids and college youth into haiku. Her latest obsession: to paint city walls with haiku, to weave in a pause, a breather into our hectic lives!

6 thoughts on “searching

  1. Tony Press says:

    Yes, this is a fine one (I’d thought I’d left a comment earlier, but I think a lot of things). Anyway, this is a pleasure to read and re-read.

  2. Donna Buck says:

    Oh thank you for this lovely poem. I “find” my mom in an afghan she made 40 years ago, now tattered but so precious. Thank you again

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