Issue 5: The Globe in My Pocket—Summary, Contents & Editor’s Note

by on Nov 23, 2015


Issue 5: The Globe in My Pocket (Oct-Nov 2015) is an unthemed issue featuring poetry, prose, and artwork from writers and artists around the world.

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the globe in my pocket — Ehizogie Iyeomoan

Poem Where No One Thinks about Death — Glen Armstrong

playing my guitar — Brian Robertson

the blues — Herb Kauderer

Agnes Martin at Tate Modern — Jean Morris

Aubade: A Parallel Poem — Yuan Changming

Big Shot Family — Paul Beckman

Jackie O’s Strange New Life — Elby Rogers

moving sale — Sheila Sondik

Renovation (A Fragment) — Ben Meyerson

a single cloud — Shloka Shankar

Poem — Howie Good

Deconstruction — Olivier Schopfer

masquerade ball — Archana Kapoor Nagpal

The Halloween Quintet — Judy Salz

Boyhood Buoys (4): Frogmeat Sale — Yuan Changming

Apex — Mary McCarthy

Thunder — Leah Browning

read-letter day — David Kelly

Holiday — Rachel Nix

spring breeze — Kala Ramesh

the tightening — Debbie Strange

Shoal — Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco

Year of Glass — Katie Gleason

Eagle — Kenneth Pobo

My Mother’s Voice — Mary Kendall

China Seagull — Jo Waterworth

across the open sea — j.lewis

Nightswimmer’s Purgatorial — Todd Mercer

Mountains Will Break Your Heart, If You Let Them — Trish Saunders

Editor’s Note

Here at the end of the final issue for 2015—an anniversary issue since it’s been a year since we went live—and since it’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all who make Gnarled Oak such a joy.

So thank you to everyone who sends poems, stories, videos, and artwork for consideration. The submissions queue here at Gnarled Oak is so good I sometimes feel like my email is a journal in and of itself, and a good one at that. I can’t publish everything, of course, but everything is read and appreciated.

Thank you also to all of Gnarled Oak’s readers, especially those who help promote and share the work that appears here. This would be nothing without the support of Gnarled Oak’s readers and the community that has grown up around this journal. So thank you for reading and for sharing. Someday a poem is going to go viral like a cat video; I just know it!

While we’re imagining that better world, maybe we can imagine a world in which we stop blowing each other up. Can poetry and artwork, stories and videos help bring that world about? I don’t know. Some days it seems like it doesn’t make a bit of difference. But maybe it does.

And so I’m thankful to all of you who share your words, ideas, stories and visions with the rest of us. You make the world a better place. You give hope, understanding, perspective, insight. I believe that helps. I know it doesn’t hurt.

With gratitude and thanks,

James Brush, editor
November 2015


Gnarled Oak — Issue 5: The Globe in My Pocket: Read online | Read the PDF (right-click/save-as to download)

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