still not yet done

by on Oct 26, 2016


still not yet done
with his youth
an old man
passing smoke
through his nose


Adjei Agyei-Baah is co-founder of the Africa Haiku Network and Poetry Foundation Ghana. He also serves as the co-editor of Mamba Journal, Africa’s first haiku periodical and champions an avant-garde type of haiku dubbed “Afriku,” which seeks to project the unique sights, sounds, and settings of Africa. His short Japanese poetry form has appeared in many international journals. He was picked for the Editors’ Choice Award at Cattails and The Heron’s Nest Journal and is the winner of The Heron’s Nest Award, March 2016 and the Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award of the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest, 2014. Adjei recently released his first haiku collection Afriku, published by Red Moon Press (2016) in the US and hopes to publish more collections as well of the other short forms of Japanese poetry.